Wednesday, February 25, 2009

for my ebay customer

Hi, thanks for looking at my blog, Take a look at the rocket box with the name adam and picture it with Ashton's name on it or this box with animals and Ashton's name would be painted and glossed in the green colour to match with box... A really cute box, both are striking.... I look forward to hearing from you on which box you prefer..

Another one for the boys.....

The wall canvas is a good addition to any bedroom, in particular your little boys rooms.... Team it up with matching bookends, or a keepsake box to make a bright funky room.... Choose one of the designs I have done before or just let me surprise you... Many happy customers love the surprise....Quick turnaround when needed for that last minute gift idea... or just a special something for yourself

Don't forget about the boys

A favourite is the Keepsake box's... and this is no exemption, one for the boys, the rockets are a real hit.. Perfect for baby keepsakes or little cars, little army men, books and pens anything that you can think of that needs a home... The boxs are really popular at the moment and designs have been coming in from all sorts of requests.... Send me an email with interests you may have.. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back from Holidays

Well back from our holiday on the Gold Coast and ready to get back into some orders... We had a fantastic time, kids were really great and loved the theme parks... Back to some normality with sleeping and eating will be nice...

I have a couple of markets coming up over the next couple of months that we will be having a stall at which I will keep you up to date closer to the time.... Unfortunately we will be not be at the multiple birth baby market in March due to other commitments, so if you are interested in taking a look at some stock or placing an order, please send me an email... We will be back there in July though....