Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Large Keepsake Box - FOR THE BOYS!!!!

Journals & Pen holders..

Name Book - B'days, naming day and celebration or just "Because

What a great way to present your photos... A personalised name book.. this book was designed for a Naming Day celebration. It has lots of blank pages where people were able to write their wishes for Archie.. Why not use your book as a book full of photos.. I can complete the book for you full of photos, embelishments and lots of colour.... email me for details, shazie2009@hotmail.com

Friday, February 5, 2010

Storage Draws - Girls & (boys also available)

How gorgeous are these storage boxs.. I just love them, they are certainy my fav for the month... My little girl loved this one that much she hugged it, she thought it would go perfectly in her room... I can think of so many uses for them.. For little girls, make-up, necklaces, bangles, gltters, gels, polly Pockets, little People, tinkerbell characters, stationary products, just endless...... and what about the boys.. lego, footy cards, ds games, stationary desk products, marbles, farm animails, blocks etc etc.... Why not have your personalsied as well to make it really special.. All made to order, email me any questions you may have,