Friday, December 26, 2008

Spunky Cooper & Princess Mikayla

Cooper had a great day. He was the first to wake around 6am and trying to wake Meg.. She was a struggle to wake but he got there in the end. Mikayla was sick Christmas eve and really did not get any better through christmas day. she tried to stay happy but was just so tired... I tried the pram walk, rocking to sleep but she was not going to give in.... Finally around 9pm she feel asleep, what a long day it was for her... I am a very proud mum with 3 very gorgeous kids. They all have very special qualities that I just adore... I love my ruggie rats

My Gorgeous Tinkerbell

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope that your day was enjoyable as mine was.... We spent the day with family and i was treated with all the trimmings. My sister in law's did a wonderful job with christmas lunch and treating Mark and myself to a very relaxing day. Many thanks to them goes out. Meg just looked gorgeous, my little tinkerbell.....She was such a good girl all day...Her dress just suited her down to the ground. She just loved the fact that the colour is the same as Tinkerbells. She is a huge fan.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Desk Calendars

Hi guys, Santa is nearly here and the kids are so ready for him to arrive. Have done some more orders that I wanted to share with you. Great desk calendars for you, mum, nans dads, whoever you need a gift for, then this is perfect. Even just for you this is a nice touch that you can add your special photo I had also thought they would be good same style but a quote on one side and a photo on the other, will list one (after xmas now...). I was asked to make one and again from that I had 2 more orders in the same day, so if you are after something let me know and I'm sure I can give it a go.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bookends a must

Here is a picutre of just 1 of the many bookends I've done. These are really popular for litle ones and make a great addition to their bedrooms.... You choose the colour and I will do the rest. Recently I did one for a 9 year old with "Hello Kitty" on it and 1 with piglet on them..... They look great matched up with a keepsake box.

Christmas is coming....

Hi guys, Just wanted to let you k now that I am still available to take orders for christmas. So any last minute pressies you need, I maybe able to help you out....

My Most Popular - Personalised Box's

The box's are a huge hit. Great baby gifts, or something for you to keep those loose ends in. Little girls hair ties and ribbons, Little boys cars and those teenagers have somewhere to keep their papers and pens... I have also in the past done 1 for a Nan for her sewing stuff. The ideas are endless for these box's. I made quite a few of the box's with many designs and colours... Tinkerbell has been popluar with the little girls, and the Butterfly range also a huge seller.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby Milestone Box

Hope you like this one. A box with tags, that records your babies first milestones each month... This one was made for Layla in the beautiful "flutterby" range from Kaiser. I also did one for Mikayla in the "waterberry" paper, which has come up lovely....

Welcome to me

Hi all, well finally I have been able to have something where you can have a look at my products in your own home. I hope you enjoy visiting my blog on a regular basis. I hope to list specials and upload photos of many of the orders I do. There is sure to be something that you will just love. I have been really busy leading up to christmas, with many orders required for christmas presents. If there is something that you would like but you have not seen it listed, then please ask, I can always come up with something for you. My recent challange, coming up with a milestone calendar - tag box is what I came up with and have sold more than expected. It works really well. Somewhere for you to record babies "first".

Don't forget, we do group party bookings for mothers groups, play groups or just in your home. The next market stall will be in March 2009, but will update you closer to the date.... Well My first post is done and now to upload some photos, my next challenge....