Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome to me

Hi all, well finally I have been able to have something where you can have a look at my products in your own home. I hope you enjoy visiting my blog on a regular basis. I hope to list specials and upload photos of many of the orders I do. There is sure to be something that you will just love. I have been really busy leading up to christmas, with many orders required for christmas presents. If there is something that you would like but you have not seen it listed, then please ask, I can always come up with something for you. My recent challange, coming up with a milestone calendar - tag box is what I came up with and have sold more than expected. It works really well. Somewhere for you to record babies "first".

Don't forget, we do group party bookings for mothers groups, play groups or just in your home. The next market stall will be in March 2009, but will update you closer to the date.... Well My first post is done and now to upload some photos, my next challenge....

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