Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Desk Photo Calendars for "Mum" available

Finally I have started some more work for 2009.... The desk calendars have been really popular with your choice of words or numbers on the top.... They look great on a desk or even as a centre piece on your table... feel free to use both sides for photos, or the 2009 calendar as provided.
It looks great in a bedroom also on a side table... I have done a couple more that I will list shortly They have been tagged with Friends and Love... Hope you like them. (the photo attached is for illustration purposes only)..
The baby milestone tag box is still proving to be popular so if you are interested, just send me an email and we can talk colours.

There would be many other ways to utilize this stand, perhaps a poem/quote and photo with it personalised across the top... anyway will continue making and list some more later today (hopefully)

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