Monday, January 31, 2011

MONDAY....BLOG attention..

Morning all.. I have such a lovely blog (Tamara Sirl Designs) that I do not give it enough attention.. So my promise to me - This is going to change.. And things always change from a Monday don't they.... I plan to update her with new products that my customers are ordering, offer more specials and a place to showcase the work that I have done.. I too would also love to get your thoughts on what designs you would love to see.. I am often out and about and see something and think - Now how cool would that look on a Keepsake Box.. My Keepsake Boxes are a reflection of who you are so there are so many unique ideas that come through.. Most times I can find what you are after but there have been some difficult ones where I have to go back to the drawing board and ask for "a 2nd love"...

Today is also a great day as I have clicked over 2000 likers on my facebook page... I am so very excited by this to see so many people have an interest in what I have produced and love to see what other people have ordered...

So there you have - become a follower of my blog to make me show it some attention heheh

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