Saturday, February 25, 2012

To my KIDS ROOMS friends,

To Make changes or not ? I have been procrastinating with this for months now and think its time. I started making my Keepsake Boxes 4 years ago..I love what I do and every day brings new challenges for me.. This is my full time job (other than being a wife and mummy to 3 kids).. Its my daily routine and most often into the evening. Lucky for me I have own room - *Head Quarters* that I love and enables me to keep alot of stock to use.

In saying that, I do have some amazing papers, embellishment's, flowers, ribbons, BLING, trucks, cars etc etc, that I would love to use and finding daily new ways to make your Keepsake Boxes look fantasitc :). As I do custom orders I am unable to use alot of theses new things I have as customers are requesting other items that needs me to be away from doing what I can do at home and having to go searching through various shops etc on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, I love custom orders and making a child's room match up with what they already have or being able to provide that perfect gift for the 18th Birthday Girl, but feel that I could double my work load if I was not solely doing Custom Made.

I have proven this with my recent market nights.. They have sold out in minutes and have found that some customers have found exactly what they have been looking for (and requesting their name to be taken of the list) on the night rather than waiting for their custom order. I have been able to produce more Keepsake Boxes over a shorter time frame as I’m not travelling for stock.

So now that leads me to this, “for at least the next 6 months I will not be continuing with the custom/wait list”.. This list will NOT be discarded.. I am hearing your screams from here, I know.. Some have been on the list for soooo long and very patient.. Its a trial for me to see if this is the right option. I really feel that this is a productive move and will benefit more customers quickly. I will re evaluate after 6 months.

To help lower your screams :), I will offer a min of 1 custom spot each market night and in addition I will also random draw a name from the wait list for a custom order spot too, therefore allowing a min 2 custom spots per market night. Its a peace offering I hope its received :)

I have a backlog of paid orders and a couple of finalisation's to make from last market night to get through. Once this is under control, I will announce the Next Market Night date. It will be soon and I promise you and I know you will see a difference in stock level available on the night).

I will also be holding a “Wedding Keepsake Box” Day in the near future (as I know we are really hitting wedding season at the moment) - where you can purchase some gorgeous Boxes. (just waiting on some more BLING to arrive).

This brings me to my next procrastination.... oh boy my brain has been sooooo overworked by he right thing to do lately.. I have not increased my price range since conception and feel time is now to give you the best Handmade Keepsake Boxes I can do :)

CURRENT PRICE LIST as at 25th Feb 2012

Market Night Keepsake Boxes $45 (includes a name on the box) + plus postage

Custom Made Keepsake Boxes $55 (includes a name on the box) + plus postage

Wedding Keepsake Boxes $65 (includes couples name and date) + plus postage

Personalised Journals $35 (includes a name on the journal) + $6.60 postage

Custom Made Journals $50 (includes a name, photos & date) + $6.60 postage

Wedding Journals $50 (includes a name on the box) + $6.60 postage

Mini Bird Houses $35 + Postage

3 peg Hair clip holders $55 + postage

So that is me and the changes afoot.. I really hope that you understand why my need to change. If you really need to address an issue with me, please email me directly and I hope I can answer your questions for you :)

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  1. Kids Rooms
    Wow, that really impressed me! I like your ideas. And the cartoon made it even better! Thanks for sharing your concept! Cheers